We at Leed International, believe that a successful system assessment requires a well-defined, fact based, repeatable process assessment that could be carried out with the assistance of our Expert Team.

We undertake outsourced assignments of our esteemed clients to audit for Quality / Environment & Safety Management Systems. Also second party, mock assessment services which prepares your organization for the final API Audit.

We offer preparatory audit services for API Certification such as:

  • API Spec Q1
  • API Spec Q2
  • API Product Monograms
  • Supplier Audits – Second Party & Third Party Audit
  • Self-assessment before API Audits – Second Party Audits
  • Customer Audits – Second Party and Third Party Audits
  • Design package assessment
  • Design Verification services
  • Design Validation services
  • Third Party Inspection Service

Supplier Audit / Evaluations/ Re-evaluation / Annual Surveillance / Performance monitoring

Our second party audit solutions ensure you that your organization and partners are maintaining and improving the quality standards you have set for them. Our auditors not only develop the specific industry and business knowledge relevant to your organization, but are also immediately operational at a fraction of the cost it would take to develop equivalent internal resources.

Wherever you are located, in as many locations as you may need, our auditors will challenge themselves to deliver that extra benefit that has made Leed International the most second party audit company.

Protect your organization’s services, brands and reputation by monitoring the adherence of your vendors to your quality requirements, we will ensure:

  • Your quality standards requirements are consistently met
  • Your brand equity is retained; and
  • Your company vision and values are promoted and validated throughout your supply chain.

Third Party Inspection Services

Leed International provides third party inspection services delivered by experts from multiple industry sectors with experience of using the complete range of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) inspection techniques.

When critical structures are being inspected as part of an engineering project, our engineers are able to oversee the work and impartially provide additional assurance that any inspections taking place are sufficiently rigorous and following best practice.

Leed International provides highly experienced and qualified personnel to undertake third party oversight in all NDT inspection areas.

Third party inspection services include:

  • Auditing of inspection facilities
  • Validation of inspection processes and personnel
  • Witnessing of inspection processes